Alberto Fernandez-de-Retana

Alberto Fernandez-de-Retana

PhD Student

University of Deusto


Ongi etorri! My name is Alberto Fernández-de-Retana. PhD Student at University of Deusto under supervision of Igor Santos-Grueiro and Pablo G. Bringas. Interested in web security, browser stuff, ctf’s and so on. In my free time I love to be pizzaiolo.

  • Web Security
  • Web Privacy
  • MSc in Research on Cybersecurity, 2022

    University of Leon

  • BSc in Computer Engineering, 2020

    University of Deusto

Recent Publications

(2023). Keep your Identity Small: Privacy-preserving Client-side Fingerprinting.

Cite ArXiv

(2021). Attacks Detection on Sampled Netflow Traffic Through Image Analysis with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). In CISIS.

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