Goal of this website 🎯

I want to use this website as a way to document my research and consolidate my understanding of them. Also, I hope that sharing my research and reflections could help others. I can’t guarantee that I will regularly update the website, as it will depend on my free time and motivation.

How to contribute πŸ”¨

The first option is to contribute to the Syllabus directly. In this case, you can create a comment to describe any topics that is not contemplated or make any comments you want to share.

Another option is directly contributing in the github repository creating an issue.

Limitations 🚨

I want to let you know in advance that there may be some incorrect information in any of the entries. I apologize for any mistakes, as I am not perfect. If you happen to notice any errors, typos or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know. Additionally, please note that the information provided in the entries may become outdated over time.

Behind the Scenes 🧩

The hexo framework was utilized to construct this blog, utilizing the β€˜frame’ theme. I utilize the Excalidraw webpage for my drawings, which is user-friendly. By substituting .svg with .excalidraw, you can access the excalidraw drawing.